Mesh Banners

Mesh banner 2

Mesh banners are incredibly versatile and are a fantastic signage option for any occasion. Mesh banners do particularly well outdoors. Mesh offers a unique construction that allows you to display an image or message while still allowing light, sound and wind to pass through. Though these are popular for outdoor events, these advertise just as well if hung across a storefront. We grommet your custom banner at no additional cost. If you require a different hanging system such as pole pockets, we do that as well, free of charge.


Regular vinyl banners are prone to the “sail effect”; they catch the wind and billow out. This makes your message difficult to read at times and puts strain on the banner material. You can opt to cut wind slits iinto your vinyl banner, but this lessens the overall strength of the material. The criss-crossed fibers of mesh banners are breathable so your banner withstands high winds without sacrificing durability or life span. 

Please be aware that the banner you receive will be a slightly different color than your original image. Because these banners are see-through, colors will not be as vibrant as it would be if printed on an opaque material. Due to this discrepancy, make sure that the image you submit is simple as details may be lost. If you’re looking for a more detailed or high resolution image, consider one of our vinyl banners.

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